• 3 tips to turn your Sourcing Mission into a Gen Y Magnet

  • 03 May 2017
  • 3 tips to turn your Sourcing Mission into a Gen Y Magnet

    It’s just like a Chief HR Officer at a recent conference said: Sourcing talent is like hunting moose. And how do you do that? Well, first of all, you track them down and find them by going where they are!

    Here are 3 tips to turn your Sourcing Mission into a Gen Y Magnet:

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  • Performance Management – How to do Performance Reviews with Gen Y Employees

  • 06 Apr 2017
  • Gender Equality

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn the mandatory, often dreaded and ineffective annual performance review into a useful tool that helps engage and retain your company’s most valuable asset – human talent? Do the same tips apply to other generations as well? They might, but when we derived them, we specifically had Gen Y in mind, knowing that many of you struggle to retain young professionals in your talent pools.

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  • We live in disrupted times - but gender equality remains as important as ever

  • 28 Feb 2017
  • Gender Equality

    So how can we move beyond good intentions and accelerate gender balance at work? This will be the topic of the JUMP Forum in Brussels, Paris and Lyon (Brussels on March 21st).

    We live in disrupted times, where gender equality in the workplace may become second-place to defending basic civil rights concerning women. “Existing global political and economic models are being re-evaluated to create a great deal of international uncertainty. Women in our own economies are now facing a need to not only to push forward gender equality in their organisations, but also to support the dialling back of basic civil rights for women in other geographies. At the same time, we have seen an increase in the acceptance of everyday sexism facilitated by social media”, says Dorothy Dalton (3 Plus International and Master of Ceremony of the up-coming JUMP Forum).

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  • Effective Workplace Communication: What Boomers and Xers can Teach Gen Y

  • 23 Feb 2017
  • Effective Workplace Communication

    Wait a minute… are you sure this headline wasn’t meant to read the other way around? Indeed, most articles take the opposite approach, zeroing in on Generation Y’s tech savviness and how they can teach older generations to communicate in the Digital Era, particularly using social media and digital technology. Reverse mentoring is a popular trend in this area and while there is nothing wrong with mentoring, reverse or not, we like to think of it as a two-way process rather than a one-way street. This post reminds us that there is much members of the Baby Boomer and X Generations can teach members of Generation Y (aka Digital Natives, Millennials), particularly when it comes to effective workplace communication.

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  • Attracting Women to MINT

  • 18 Jan 2017
  • Worldwide, the rate of enrollment in university-level education of young women now surpasses that of young men. However, according to the World Economic Forum, only 16% of those women are obtaining undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology (MINT) subjects. In contrast, 30% of male students graduate with MINT degrees, with the biggest differences in engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences. We are living in a world in which women make up 46% of the civilian workforce, but just 26% of the MINT workforce. 

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  • Do men want equality in the workplace?

  • 10 Jan 2017
  • Highlights of a European research conducted by JUMP, the leading social organisation in Europe on Gender Equality at work.

    Three quarters (78%) of men believe they will benefit from more gender equality in the workplace. However, less than 1 man over 4 declare to be actively involved in making this a reality. One third of those surveyed declare to be against gender equality (some more actively than others) whilst half of them are generally positive but not actively engaged.

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  • The Future of Work

  • 08 Nov 2016
  • Recruitment in 2020

    The nature of work is changing. The hours spent in the office are getting longer and the factory jobs of our parents and grandparents are long gone. Workspaces have already changed over the past 30 years, and they don't seem to be settling down anytime soon. It’s hard to prepare for every single possibility a future workspace may hold, but thankfully, in a recent report, "The future of work: A journey to 2022," PricewaterhouseCoopers identified three trends of modern and future workplaces the can help us navigate the road ahead. 

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  • The Many Benefits From A Talent Pipeline – And How It Improves Quality Of Hire

  • 26 Oct 2016
  • By Dr. John Sullivan

    Talent Pipelines

    If you’re looking for a powerful strategic recruiting approach that has powerful long-term impacts, you really only have two choices: employer branding, and a “recruiting talent pipeline.” While almost every major corporation is investing heavily in building their employer brand, it’s quite rare for one to actually have a high-performing external recruiting talent pipeline. A recruiting talent pipeline approach is known by a variety of names, including a “recruiting prospect inventory,” a “recruiting pool,” or a recruiting network. It is designed to give you a continuous supply of high-quality and interested external recruiting prospects to choose from. It is strategic because it has a long-term talent-supply focus, which means that critical jobs can be filled faster and with higher quality and more interested prospects.

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  • Developing Gen Y Talent

  • 22 Sep 2016
  • Generation Y

    How to create learning experiences to meet the aspirations of Millennials

    Congratulations! You have attracted and recruited and onboarded with flying colours your new team of Generation Y talent! So it’s time to lean back and let them perform, right? 

    You wish! Depending which study is cited, as much as 89% of Millennials say “it’s important to be constantly learning at my job”1. The fact that personal and professional development are amongst the top retention drivers, is undisputed. According to Deloitte’s Millennial Study 2016, 44% of respondents expect to quit their current employer in the next two years and 71% of those, are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed. In other words, to keep the talent you just invested so much time, funds and effort in hiring, you need to have a plan to develop them too if you want them to stay. As with any group of individuals, we know that not all members of one generation are the same. However, there are a several key attributes and commonalities we know about Gen Y that can help create an impactful development experience. 

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  • The benefits of hiring diverse behavioural styles!

  • 16 Sep 2016
  • The benefits of hiring diverse behavioural styles!

    By now, most organizations understand that diversity is no longer a nice to have, it is a must to sustain profitability in an increasing global world. Customers come in all sorts of shapes, styles and preferences and the more their diversity is represented by your staff the better you can understand customer needs and effectively market to them. So basically, that’s a given and largely undisputed. Companies have D&I departments and pride themselves in tracking diversity KPIs, recruiters are incentivized to produce diverse candidate slates, and managers receive diversity training. Then why do corporations still struggle? 

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