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Bekaert in Europe 2011
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Industrial Products and Services
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Engineering, Research & Development
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Time to boost your career ? what about participating to the Bekaert in Europe 2011 event?

On March 18th and 19th 2011 Bekaert is organizing the Bekaert in Europe 2011 event in Brussels. This 2-days event is targeting graduates and young professionals who want to boost their career through one of the positions (see below). During this event you’ll get the chance to spend 2 days with similar minded graduates and young professionals from across Europe, working on a range of highly challenging cases. Individually or as part of a small team, you’ll apply your technical knowledge, lateral thinking and leadership skills in a number of technology-related and business-related scenarios. Bekaert will assess your suitability for one of the immediate roles as R&D Project Manager, Design Engineer, Process Engineer or Product Development Engineer.

Did you know that Bekaert is already part of your life?
You might know us for example as a supplier of steel cord products for tire reinforcement - one in every four tires in the world runs on Bekaert steel cord. Or maybe you know our Dramix® steel fibers, used to reinforce over five million cubic meters of concrete every year. But we also offer significant added value for various businesses in all kinds of markets, from automotive to construction and from utilities to the heavy equipment sector.

Bekaert is a global technological leader in its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings, and a market leader in drawn wire products and applications.
Bekaert is a global company with headquarters in Belgium, employing 25 000 people worldwide. Serving customers in 120 countries, Bekaert pursues sustainable profitable growth in all its activities and generates annual combined sales of € 3.3 billion in 2009.

Working at Bekaert means working in a unique environment where local and international talent truly work and win together. Where people are encouraged to share their experiences and take real responsibilities, where research and development are self-evident and embedded in the company’s culture. Bekaert is where you can leave your personal mark on every cutting-edge project, wherever your international career will bring you.

Of course, you will work under the best possible conditions. As a leading multinational, Bekaert will reward your performance. If you have the drive, the talent and the individuality to advance ideas that can change the lives of thousands of customers around the world, we know just the place to come and do it. Wherever you’re from, don’t you think we could be better together?

Interested to innovate, create and design together with us?

R&D Project Manager
As an R&D Project Manager you develop and improve products and processes in close collaboration with the Product Market Managers and Manufacturing Managers of the Business Units. Supported by the Senior Project Leader, you will manage, develop and coach your project team members. You explore new opportunities in your technology domain by maintaining up-to-date expertise and by building effective relationships with partners inside and outside Bekaert.
You have a masters degree in engineering and also have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Design Engineer
As a Design Engineer you will be part of our Engineering department and you will be in charge of the conceptual design work for systems and processing. You will support the research and development in these fields and you will have to manage projects related to your special field of operation.
You have a masters degree in engineering. You are an innovator who is results oriented with a sense of urgency. You are creative and can demonstrate hands-on problem solving skills.

Process Engineer
As a Process Engineer you manage the release of new products or processes into production. Therefore you improve existing production processes with respect to cost, quality, health and safety. You will explore new opportunities in your technology domain, by maintaining up-to-date expertise and by building effective relationships with partners inside and outside Bekaert.
You have a masters degree in engineering. You are a results oriented team player with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills that you can use to manage a small team of process technicians.

Product Development Engineer
Your role will be to lead product development projects and to coordinate customer approval and technical cooperation programs. You will follow-up on application knowledge and technology trends and actively support innovation.
You have a masters degree in engineering, you have a strong customer focus and you are creative. You take sufficient leadership in projects and have a good drive for results. You are a strong team player and are able to work together with an international team.

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