Careers International

Bringing TOP TALENTS together with TOP EMPLOYERS. Throughout the world. 

This is our specialty and we do it globally, with speed, ease, transparency and optimal use of the web.

Our Services to you:

OneDayWith - Meet online 

Our web-based OneDayWith platform brings together talented  individuals and one company in an online, content-rich, interactive event. It gives  participants a unique insight into a company’s business, culture and expertise and the opportunity to interact live with its decision-makers. And all this without leaving their desk.

Summits - Meet face-to-face

During our international Recruitment Summits companies and professionals or graduates meet each other in face-to-face interviews on a strictly invitation-only basis – to fill real job openings. These intense days give participants the opportunity to get to know each other and make informed career decisions. Due to targeted attraction campaigns and rigorous best-fit selection, many job offers are made and accepted as a direct result of the Summits.

Dedicated Recruiting Projects

Beside online and face-to-face events, Careers International manages dedicated Recruitment Projects for first-class companies with specific needs. To discover these opportunities, keep a constant eye on the "More for you" section on the homepage. 

Careers International gives you access to unexplored career opportunities. Do not Miss them!

Be curious and open-minded. Explore industries or companies you are not familiar with. The best jobs are not always where you expect to find them.


  • Why We Exist

    The job market is going through a revolution. Internet and social media in particular have completely changed the way companies must interact with the talent they desperately need to hire. Professionals today are tired of traditional corporate marketing projecting a sanitised image of potential employers. They expect transparency, insight and meaningful interaction.

    We at Careers International are very excited to be in the middle of this revolution and work hard to bring the most innovative solutions on the market to satisfy both talented individuals and employers.


  • Our Team

    Our experience and effectiveness have made us the preferred partner for many global companies and talented professionals when it comes to bringing you together.

    Our consultants and project leaders have extensive experience in international recruitment and operate a worldwide network of universities, student & alumni associations and professional bodies.

    Our core team is based in Brussels (Belgium) and works together with consultants throughout the world.